Spot-On Pleasure Crystal Anal Beads
Spot-On Pleasure Crystal Anal Beads
Spot-On Pleasure Crystal Anal Beads

Here's a pleasure tool that doesn't just look elegant, but can also hit you right on the spot. With its curvy shape and shimmery glow, you'll have no problem reaching the big-O.

When it comes to anal beads, our Spot-On Pleasure Crystal Anal Beads is definitely for keeps.

If the elves from Middle Earth used anal beads, then it will most likely look like our Spot-On Pleasure Crystal Anal Beads. It has a mystical and sophisticated design that will tickle your nuts until your eyes turn white. This iridescent glass probe has a round insertion point and a curvaceous shaft. For male users, this shape will make reaching the prostate a lot easier. It also has a curvy handle that you or your partner can use to massage your anus. And just like a magic wand, it can awaken the thousands of dormant nerve endings in your butthole. To elevate the sensations, you can add more magic and dip this toy in a bowl of icy or hot water. Leave it there for a few minutes before you start using it, and voila! You can feel warm or nippy stimulation in your rectum.

You can use this sex toy while receiving deep-thrusting vaginal penetration, or while using your other toys during masturbation. Its material is glass, so it can pretty much handle any lube you prefer. However, do make sure to use lots of it though as the backdoor cannot lubricate on its own. Glass toys are also easy to sanitize. You can clean it in several ways. You can wash it with warm water and mild antibacterial soap, or you can also use a sex toy cleaner. Alternatively, you can also sterilize it in boiling water. Safely keep the toy where it will not fall or break and always check it for nicks or cracks before use.

For ultimate sexual satisfaction, you better use a sex toy that looks alluring but also has high-precision. Add this to your cart now!

Color Purple
Material Glass
Total Length: 7.09 inches (180 mm)
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: > 2.17 inches (55 mm)
Beads: N/A

Spot-On Pleasure Crystal Anal Beads

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