Sperm-shaped Colored Ben Wa Balls
Sperm-shaped Colored Ben Wa Balls
Sperm-shaped Colored Ben Wa Balls
Sperm-shaped Colored Ben Wa Balls
Sperm-shaped Colored Ben Wa Balls

A loose vagina softens a dick. If you want a boner, then you’ve got to tighten yours to get more sperms swimming in your stream of pleasure.

Make your Kegel workouts fun with the Sperm-Shaped Colored Ben Wa Balls. These are special balls specifically made for your health without leaving out sexual pleasure. These muscle-toning balls come in three variants. While they all look like sperms, each is with a different color, size, weight, and design to suit a variety of needs. The external balls are hollow and each contains a smaller, weighted metal ball that rolls and jiggles as you move, creating vibrations that stimulate the vagina while engaging the PC muscles. All the variants have a silicone covering, making them safe for body use. Extraction is also made easy with the pull ring cord feature.

Train your pelvic floor with Sperm-Shaped Colored Ben Wa Balls to reap a multitude of benefits. Have a tight, strong vagina that will get you and your partner to greater heights of pleasure. Say good-bye to pesky leaks whenever you laugh, cough, or sneeze because a strong pelvic floor prevents uterine prolapse.

These Ben Wa Balls aren’t just made for a Kegel workout because they work well during foreplay or solo play. While the ball is inside your pussy, rub your favorite vibrator on your clitoris or around your vaginal opening. Feel the awesome thrills and indulge yourself more!

But before gleefully inserting a ball into your love hole, ensure that it’s thoroughly washed in warm, soapy water. It’s also important that your hands are germ-free to avoid introducing bacteria into your pussy. For ease of insertion, apply water or oil-based lube on your ball and on your vaginal opening. Once in, squeeze the ball with your PC muscles for a count of 5, then relax for 5 seconds. Make 5 to 10 reps to complete a set. As much as possible, aim for 3 sets a day for best results.

Tired of getting laid because orgasms have become elusive? Endure no more! Buy the Sperm-Shaped Colored Ben Wa Balls today!

Color Black, Rose Red, Pink
Type  Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)




Pink: 1.18 inches

Rose Red: 0.98 inch

Black: 1.10 inches


Sperm-shaped Colored Ben Wa Balls

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  • $79.99

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