Spank Me Crazy Anal Chain
Spank Me Crazy Anal Chain
Spank Me Crazy Anal Chain
Spank Me Crazy Anal Chain
Spank Me Crazy Anal Chain
Spank Me Crazy Anal Chain
Spank Me Crazy Anal Chain

Do you need to punish someone, and at the same time, give him or her an erotic backdoor sensation? It's time to whoop some ass and experience foreplay in a new kinky way.

If you want to do it with style and elegance, our Spank Me Crazy Anal Chain is here to assist you.

Are you feeling some Rihanna vibe? Just like her song, do whips and chains excite you? Then this toy is the perfect pleasure tool for you. This metal probe with multiple chain-like tassels offers two ways to make foreplay more exciting and fun. You can start by restraining your sub's hands and putting a gag on the face. Using this toy's tassels, tickle him or her on the erogenous body parts. You can also use your hands simultaneously, and make your partner beg for more. Inflict a little pain to trigger an adrenaline rush, and whip your sub using these flirty chains. Ask him or her to bend over and spank the butt cheeks with your stylish whip. Level up the punishment by shoving the beads in the anus, followed by vaginal penetration or deep oral sex action. Once he or she is ready to cum, slide the beads out from the bum, and reward your partner with a gratifying orgasm.

But this little role play will not be fun if your toy is stinky and dirty. Make it a habit to regularly clean this pleasure tool by sanitizing it with your sex toy cleaner. Another crucial thing to remember is to lubricate liberally. Slather a handful of lube throughout the beads and the orifice before insertion. Remember to keep it in well-ventilated storage that is separate from your toys of different materials.

Take a pick between gold or silver tassels and add this to your cart now!

Color Gold
Material Metal
Total Length: 17.32 inches (44 cm)
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: N/A
Beads: N/A

Spank Me Crazy Anal Chain

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