Solid Spherical Jewel Prince Wand
Solid Spherical Jewel Prince Wand
Solid Spherical Jewel Prince Wand
Solid Spherical Jewel Prince Wand
Solid Spherical Jewel Prince Wand

Enhance the look of your Willy by putting this Solid Spherical Jewel Prince Wand on your penis! This piercing for your dick will boost your confidence as you try to tease and make love to your lover.

This prince wand looks astounding from top to bottom. The smooth and seamless design of the wand is the only thing you need to send chills up your spine. This surgical-grade stainless steel structure gives a cooling sensation into your urethra, which intensifies your senses. It lets you feel every blow, suck, kiss, lick, and touch that your partner gives to your Big D. This enhanced sensation results in an instant erection. Not only that, this stainless-steel rod can help you release your climax as it gets deeper into your urethra. It hits your erotic spots, which leads to a better orgasm.

The spherical tip of the wand - on the other hand - serves as your penis' bling-bling. Not only does it make your package look enticing, it enhances your performance, making your partner moan with pleasure. But the primary purpose of this bulbous tip is to prevent the wand from getting sucked in entirely during foreplay or as the action heats up.

Our Solid Spherical Jewel Prince Wand is a body-safe sex toy. This amorous rod has no harmful chemical components and is hypoallergenic, which prevents any skin or reproductive health issues. Plus, it is non-absorbent. This makes it compatible with any lube and easy to clean! Just rinse it with alcohol or dip it into warm, soapy water to disinfect the rod.

This penis plug is the perfect wingman for your willy. Go ahead and buy this product and watch how your lover get mesmerized by its look and ask for more during your sex play!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Stainless steel sounds
Dimension (inches)
Length: 3 in.
Width: 0.38 in.


Solid Spherical Jewel Prince Wand

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