Solid Feel Stainless Steel Anal Beads
Solid Feel Stainless Steel Anal Beads
Solid Feel Stainless Steel Anal Beads

Experience twice the fun with this convenient and long-lasting joy toy! This love tool features a bulbous tip with a smooth, curved shaft on one end and a beaded body on the other.

The round end with a sleek and curvy part of our Solid Feel Stainless Steel Anal Beads makes finding the prostate or G-spot easy. And with every thrust, you’ll find yourself seeing and counting stars in no time! The beaded side, on the other hand, gives you mind-blowing sensations as it adds friction to the anal wall. With this bad boy, you can please yourself in more ways than one!

But before you enjoy these toe-curling thrills, you need to lubricate the tool and your ass first, if you’re going to shove it in your booty. Use any lube that you have, and be sure to apply an ample amount of it. Start caressing your body to arouse your senses. You may use this toy, too, to enhance the stimulation by aiming either tip at your most sensitive spots.

When you’re ready, start the thrusting movement. If you’re inserting it in your nates, you have to do it slowly but carefully for exquisite pressure and eye-rolling pleasure. Also, don’t push yourself too hard if you can’t shove it all in. Take your time and pause for a while if necessary. Remember, you’re using it to tease you, not to hurt you. When done, gently pull the toy out.

The total length of this bad boy is 5.31 inches, while the width is between 0.75 and 0.94 inches. It’s also a toy made of stainless steel, which makes this tool durable yet body-friendly. It also levels up the game, for you can incorporate it into temperature play. Best of all, it’s easy to clean! You can wash it with warm, soapy water or put it in the dishwasher. Wipe off excess moisture and keep it in a cool, dry place.

Double the pleasure with our Solid Feel Stainless Steel Anal Beads! Get yours now.

Color Silver
Material Metal Steel
Total Length: 5.31 inches (135 mm)
Insertable Length: N/A
Round End: 0.94 inch (24 mm)
Beaded End: 0.75 inch (19 mm)

Solid Feel Stainless Steel Anal Beads

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