Smooth Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound

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Ever craving for more thrill and excitement during your masturbation session or sex with a partner? We know you do, that’s why we’re introducing Smooth Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound.

Crafted carefully and designed masterfully, this penis plug is ideal to kickstart your journey in urethral play. It has a smooth, gentle tip that gradually widens up to 0.39”. From this widest point, it smoothly dips, making way for the slender part of the shaft. Attached at the base is a ball handle which will keep the plug from travelling too far.

This solid plug is made of premium stainless steel, a kind of metal used to manufacture surgical equipment. As such, you can trust that it won’t harm the extra-delicate tissues of your urethra because it’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and phthalates-free. In addition, its non-porous nature makes it impossible for bacteria to breed in it and allows for easy-breezy cleanup.

With its length of 2.48”, novice players will find it intensely stimulating because it will create sensational pressure against the meatus where thousands of nerve endings are just waiting for the right strokes and brushes. Glide the solid rod up and down or give it a nice twirl to awaken those pleasure nerves, and you’ll find yourself in bliss paradise.

Experience harder erection that lasts for longer sex play or masturbation. With this plug fucking your cock, your penis becomes extra sensitive even to the lightest brush on the outside skin of your dick. Lightly grab your cock with one hand and stroke it up and down, and for sure, you’ll be utterly euphoric! In fact, the unique sensations are beyond words to capture the feeling, so it’s better if you try it for yourself.

Reinvent and redefine pleasure with a whole new dimension of a solo play or an intimate session with a partner with this Smooth Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound. It’s just a click away, so hit that button now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Stainless Steel Sounds
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2.48 inches
Width: 0.16 inch to 0.39 inch