Smooth Stringed ABS Ben Wa Balls

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Aging is inevitable, and so is menopause. But with the Smooth Stringed ABS Ben Wa Balls, you can age gracefully and defy its effects!

Made for health and pleasure, this pair of Ben Wa balls is in the shade of red the color symbolizing unbridled passion and love. So, go ahead and love yourself by toning your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles for you to share the flames of love in bed. Each ball has a diameter of 1.38 inches and is made of non-porous plastic known as ABS. Because of this property, it's easy to give it a thorough cleanup. All you need to do is wash it with mild antibacterial soap under running water, rinse off, and dry.

Connected by a durable string, these two Ben Wa balls will help you engage the right muscles for effective and efficient Kegel workout. The retrieval loop gives its user peace of mind, promising easy extraction after a session. Inside each plastic ball is a smaller weighted bead that bounces or rolls when you’re on the move. These jiggles, depending on the intensity of your movements, make gentle or strong vibrations that stimulate your pelvic muscles. The more physically active you are, the more benefits you’ll get.

Using these two balls together for a Kegel exercise is easy. After ensuring that they’re both clean, apply some lube on them without ignoring your vaginal opening for the most pleasurable insertion. Once they’re inside, push them a little further so that they’ll hit and engage the right group of pelvic muscles. Just make sure that the loop stays outside. Squeeze your PC muscles around these balls, and don’t forget to relax them to avoid muscle strain. For each day, aim for a 15-minute workout.

Longing for a tight twat that always brings intense, powerful climax? Get the love you deserve. They’re yours for the taking. Hit the “Buy it now” button today!

Color Red
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material ABS (Plastic)
Dimensions (in.)


1.38 inches


1.38 inches