Smooth Rectal Dilation Gold Anal Beads
Smooth Rectal Dilation Gold Anal Beads
Smooth Rectal Dilation Gold Anal Beads
Smooth Rectal Dilation Gold Anal Beads
Smooth Rectal Dilation Gold Anal Beads

When you are stylish, you want everything to look gorgeous and luxurious—even that piece that goes inside your ass. And if that's what you want, we have it ready for you.

Here's the Smooth Rectal Dilation Gold Anal Beads that turn purplish when light shines over it. Apart from the stunning surface color of this butt pleaser, it also boasts two options for a variety of stimulation.

On one end is a large bulbous bead that tapered at the tip. This one will fill your bum as you leave it in. On the opposite end, you'll find a series of five round beads, with the smallest orb at the tip.

These balls will create a series of delightful popping sensations when you pull them out slowly from your butt. With two kinds of butt stimulators in a single piece, it surely is a wise purchase. Either end can serve as a handle that is easy to grip and control.

Let it's entry be more sensual and comfortable with your favorite lube. Don't worry; it is compatible with all types of sex lubricants out there. And because it has an ultra-soft surface, a few drops of lube will make it super slick. So if you want to save on lube, then go for this dazzling piece.

Handblown and toughened, this beautiful glass piece is durable and won't break when used to dig deep into the butt. It's also resistant to thermal shock, making it an excellent tool for temperature play. Chilled or warmed, it will surely make your sex game more thrilling.

Although glass is non-porous, you still need to wash it to make it germ-free. Lather it with anti-bacterial soap, then rinse it thoroughly. Leave it to dry naturally, and stash it away for the near-future use.

Let this splendid sex toy give you the butt-pampering you need. Place your order today to enjoy it soon!

Color Gold
Material Glass
Total Length: 7.01 inches (17.8cm)
Insertable length: N/A
Pointed Tip: 1.18 inches (30mm)
Rounded Tip: 0.80 inch  (20.2mm), 0.91inch (23mm), 1.06 inches (26mm), 1.06 inches (27mm), 1.12 inches  (28.5mm)


Smooth Rectal Dilation Gold Anal Beads

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