Smile Emoji Cute Pasties

Okay, we have to admit that the smiley emoji has gone through numerous changes over the years. We have been exposed to many 'smileys' and even created a whole new language with it.

But, if you go back to its roots, the smile is just that- a simple face with a detailed eye, a nose, and a big mouth indicating a smile.

We have captured this iconic expression of happiness and incorporated it into one of our pasties—the Smile Emoji Cute Pasties. This fantastic accessory will not only put a smile on your breasts but will also give you the most comfortable nipple coverage ever!

You will love that this pair is made of high-quality and durable material. You will be able to wear this under thin tanktops, smooth silks, even tight spandex! That is the beauty of these pieces. They will accentuate two of your most valuable assets.

When wearing a bra, you will have to deal with annoying straps and uncomfortable underwires, not to mention the hassles of hiding your brassier under summery clothes.

These delightful pasties are going to change how you express yourself through fashion. You can now wear your alluring flowy dress, without worries!

The secret to keeping them on is making sure your nipples and areolae are clean. Remove all moisture or oil with a cotton pad with alcohol to ensure the adhesive sticks. You have to make sure you cover your entire areola before sticking this in place.

You will love how these stay on even when you sweat and move around. Go ahead, forget about the pasties on and have the best time wherever the night takes you!

Remove these covers by carefully peeling this with a wet cloth. Quick stripping is going to give you one nasty sting.

Finally, a smiley you can wear! Grab this lovely pair today!

Color Yellow
Material Non-woven fabric
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A


Smile Emoji Cute Pasties

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