Smart Kegel Trainer Ben Wa Balls

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Fed up with having sex because it doesn’t give you pleasure any longer? Well, what if we told you can have those blissful orgasms back? Meet the Smart Kegel Ben Wa Balls, designed to keep your pelvic floor and vagina in great shape!

All women will eventually have a saggy, loose vagina and a weak pelvic floor because of aging, menopause, and childbirth. But with the godsend, Smart Kegel Trainer Ben Wa Balls, no longer will you have to suffer the consequences. With a regular Kegel workout with these Ben Wa Balls, you can recover sexual youth and vigor so you can reach the highest peak of pleasure whenever you get laid.

The Smart Kegel Trainer Ben Wa Balls are available in two stunning colors—pink and blue. Choose the color that suits your taste, and whichever you pick, you’ll have the same amazing results. Two hollow balls, connected together by a silicone covering, each contains a smaller, weighted steel ball that rolls and jiggles even at the slightest movement. The vibration that each internal ball creates engages the PC muscles and brings stimulating sensations. The silicone covering is smooth to the touch and makes internal use safe. Extraction is made easy as well because of the cord that’s well-incorporated in the design.

To use, clean the balls in warm, soapy water. You can also use a sanitizer intended for sex toys. Next, lube the toys including your vaginal opening, then gently insert the balls. Contract your PC muscles for a count of five, then release. Relax for five seconds. Make 5 reps of this step to complete a set. Always remember to relax after each contraction to avoid straining your muscles.

While most women accept their fate of having a loose vagina, you make yourself stand out by restoring virgin tightness. So, go ahead and hit the “Buy it now” button to immediately start the pussy-tightening regimen!

Color Pink, Blue
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone+ABS
Dimensions (in.)


Total length: 3.94 inches

insertable portion: 3.74 inches

ball: 1.65 inches


1.38 inches