Small Undrilled Black Egg with Wooden Stand

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Yoni eggs are modest sex toys. We say sex toys because, for years, empresses and concubines used them to enhance their sexual experience.

The beauty of these eggs is unparalleled. They possess a deep black color that mesmerizes anyone who sees them.

Obsidian is also a prized crystal due to its calming energy. It helps you collect your thoughts when you need to make a big decision and boost or keep your self-control.

In addition to its unmistakable beauty, this stone is a great massage tool. With its very smooth and heavy nature, you can glide this over the tension points of your body and relieve body pains after a long, tiring day. If you are feeling a little frisky, you can roll the orb on the erogenous areas of the body and feel the sexual buildup of desire fill you with wild thoughts.

Another way to enjoy this egg is by using it as a tool for Kegel practice. The idea is to insert the stone inside the vagina and exert enough effort to keep it locked in there. This action will stretch out the vaginal ligaments, making them stronger.

A well-toned vaginal muscle is vital if you want to keep vaginal elasticity even after giving birth. As you continually do this exercise, you will slowly tighten up the twat into its original glorious state. Forget about laser treatments that cost a fortune! This egg will heal your sexual worries in the most natural way possible.

Take good care of this stone to make it last a long time. Always wash it before and after each use and dry thoroughly. After that, store it in a cool place and away from direct sunlight.

If you want to surprise yourself or your partner, then grab our Small Undrilled Black Egg with Wooden Stand now!

Color Black
Stone/Crystals Black Obsidian
Size (inches) 1.18*1.57 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Increase/Enhance Libido & Reawaken Sensuality - Menstrual Pain & PMS, Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles - Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence, Balance Estrogen Levels - Increase Sensitivity. Infertility - Promotes Nerve Growth, Increase Natural Lubrication pre/post Menopause - Tighten Vaginal Walls, Easier Childbirth (less tissue damage) - Circulation & Blood Flow, Enhance Intimacy - Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises, Increase Circulation & Blood Flow to organs & muscles, Experience Vaginal Orgasms - Promote Postpartum Healing