Unakite Yoni Egg | Small-sized Natural Unakite Crystal Egg

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Are you constantly feeling anxious about the future? Do you think you need a little push to make things happen? If you also happen to be a yoni egg enthusiast, then you are in luck!

More than just a pretty and attractive yoni egg, this Small-sized Natural Unakite Crystal Egg has stimulating yet fascinating effects. It can help provide emotional healing by balancing your emotions. Unakite, as a mineral, helps you stabilize your place in the present. Furthermore, it can strengthen your pelvic floor and enhance sensation for both partners during lovemaking.

Our Unakite Yoni Eggs are smoothly polished to make the insertion as comfortable as possible. With its marbled red and green aesthetic, this egg measures 1.18 inches in length and 0.79inches in diameter. What's even better is that you have the option to get the drilled yoni egg or the undrilled one.

For drilled eggs, you can tie strings into the holes to make the retrieval operation easier. For the undrilled ones, you have to use your pelvic floor muscles to take it out of your love tunnel. Regardless of the yoni egg’s features, this is recommended for experienced users.

There are some things you have to keep in mind when using this vaginal stone. Like any other tool, it is important to clean it first prior to use. Sterilize the egg with hot water for about 10 to 15 minutes. From then on, rinse the egg with hot water before using it and wash it thoroughly with soap and water before each use.

It is also important to naturally lubricate the egg before inserting it. This can be done by feeling relaxed and by massaging your sweet spot gently. Once you feel that your body is ready, gently insert the egg and hold it in. You can push it up and down to practice the muscles of your Yoni.

Flex your love muscles for a more invigorating sex play. Add one to your cart now!

Color Green and Red
Stone/Crystals Unakite
Size (inches) 1.18*0.79 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles - Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence, Easier Childbirth (less tissue damage) - Enhance Intimacy - Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises - Balance Emotions