Slim Faux Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 11 Inches Long


No matter how differently we live our lives, we’re all the same in the bedroom. That is, we all want the same thing –the freedom to be ourselves, without judgment and harsh criticism.  If you get off from role-playing during sex or simply enjoy having your butt stimulated, then check out our Slim Faux Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 11 Inches Long.

Many people might call the Raccoon Steel Tail Plug unusual, and some may say it’s meant for kinky sex, but if you like it and you want it, then go ahead and buy it.  This butt plug will give you hours and hours of pleasurable anal stimulation from its 8.6 inches long faux raccoon tail in rich brown and black colors to the tapered metal plug that measures a little less than 1 inch in diameter and 2.7 inches in length.

The firm metal part has been carefully smoothed down to ensure safe and pain-free insertion.   It has a nice weight to it too – a welcome change if you’ve only been using Silicone butt plugs until now.  This item is made from the finest quality materials – body-safe, non-tarnishing, and non-porous so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth on this one.

Use this Raccoon Steel Tail Plug to train your butt for anal sex, as part of sensual "fur" play (see what we did there!) or to give you that filled up feeling in the butt during penetrative vaginal sex.  We guarantee explosive orgasms and satisfying sexual cravings with one caveat – insertion should be done slowly and gently with lots of lube and only with the other person’s consent.

So go ahead, indulge yourself and purchase this Slim Faux Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 11 Inches Long now!  A treasure trove of pleasurable sensations awaits you and your partner. All orders are packed and shipped discreetly.  We value your privacy as much as we do your business.


Handle:  Brown with Black Rings

Plug:  Silver

Type Butt Plug

Handle:  Synthetic Fur

Plug:  Metal



Handle:   8.6"

Plug:  2.7"


Handle:   N/A

Plug:   1"