Sleek and Stylish Remote-Controlled Prostate Massager

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Elevate your anal stimulation as you embark on a new journey together with our Sleek and Stylish Remote-Controlled Prostate Massager.

If you love anal sex and the sensation you get from it, then you are likely to enjoy a different level of pleasure that you can get from stimulating your prostate gland. Since the only way to reach this magical gland is through your anus, using a device like our Remote-controlled Prostate Massager would be of great help.

This device has a length of 3.93 inches wherein the head is 1.18-inch thick. This size is enough to stretch your anus and feel every spiraled inch of it until it reaches your prostate gland for some amazing massage. Applying a good-quality lubricant on this love toy will make it slippery for a hassle-free penetration, thanks to its medical-grade silicone material. You can be assured that there is no toxic smell or anything that can harm your body as we only use high-quality materials.

If you are impressed with these features, then wait until we tell you that this prostate massager has a vibration feature. It comes with a separate remote so you can switch from one vibrating frequency to another depending on your mood. In addition to that, you will be happy to know that this is 100% waterproof. Masturbate in the shower? You got it!

After all the fun, make sure to keep your Sleek and Stylish Prostate Massager clean. Some warm water and antibacterial soap would do the trick before wiping it dry. If you want to take this with you, keep it in a clean container or purse until your next orgasmic action.

What are you waiting for? Get our Sleek and Stylish Remote-Controlled Prostate Massager and indulge yourself with the sensations brought by this toy.

Color Black, Magenta
Type Prostate Massager

Handle: Silicone

Plug: Silicone

Remote Control: Silicone



handle: 3.14 inches

plug: 1.57 inches

remote control: 2.76 inches


handle: 1.57 inches

plug: 1.18 inches

remote control: 1.18 inches