Single Vagina Exerciser Silicone Ben Wa Balls

We often hear the saying "Practice makes perfect," with regular practice and Kegel exercises using this Single Vagina Exerciser Silicone Ben Wa Balls you'll surely have the perfect vagina!

Giving your lover's member a tighter grip during lovemaking, requires stronger, firmer vaginal muscles! If you feel that you lack this strength, then worry no more! This Single Vagina Exerciser Silicone Ben Wa Ball can make your pelvic muscles more vigorous and luscious, your partner will surely ask for more!
By strengthening your pelvic muscles, you are also making your vagina more sensitive and responsive to stimuli, making your orgasms more explosive and satisfying. Likewise, your partner won't help but adore the tight vagina groping around his penis, making sex more pleasurable for both of you.

On top of all these kinky results, with regular practice using this ball, you will have more control over your bladder, which helps in improving urinary incontinence. For moms who'd just given birth, this also rejuvenates the birth canal and get it back to its original state. The ball is made of silicone and measures 1.38 inches in diameter. This also comes with a handle that should be left outside the vulva.

You can use it to tickle your clitoris while wearing the toy and helping you pull the ball out when your kinky sessions are over.

To make sure everything is germ-free, wash your hands, your vagina, and the tool itself. Use warm water and scent-free soap in washing the ball. Apply some water-based lube if your vagina does not feel lubricated enough. Lie flat on the floor while inserting the ball in your vulva. Once the toy is inside, go ahead and do some Kegel exercises to get those pelvic muscles moving, lifting the balls inside to making your pelvic floor stronger. When you're done, pull the tool out and clean it right away with a sex toy cleaning fluid or 75% alcohol. Store it in a safe and dry location.

Give your vagina the type of care it deserves, add this toy to your cart now!

Color Pink and White
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)




1.38 inches (diameter)


Single Vagina Exerciser Silicone Ben Wa Balls

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