Single Rose Ben Wa Balls
Single Rose Ben Wa Balls
Single Rose Ben Wa Balls
Single Rose Ben Wa Balls
Single Rose Ben Wa Balls

Revive your saggy petals and have more frequent steamy intimate moments with your man. Meet the Single Rose Ben Wa Balls made specially to strengthen your pelvic floor and restore your love hole’s tightness!

Because they are in a sexy pink shade, you can’t go wrong with these Single Rose Ben Wa Balls. Wrapped in premium silicone is a hollow ball that encapsulates a smaller, metal ball. This internal ball rolls and bounces as you move about, creating those lusty vibrations. That is why when you wear one, it’s best not to lie or sit still. The vibration created by this internal ball will stimulate your Kegel muscles. The silicone covering is safe for body use because it’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and non-porous.

Having a diameter of 1.38 inches, it certainly is a beginner’s Kegel trainer. The silicone surface makes it easier to grip and hold in compared to glass or metal. It looks like a rosebud, a good symbolism to that delicate 'flower' that can be revived and be brought back to its youthful condition. This single-ball Ben Wa Ball comes with a retrieval cord, which is 2.56-inch long, for ease of extraction.

A daily Kegel workout with this ball will bring amazing results. Childbirth fulfills your womanhood but it weakens your pelvic floor. One of the signs of a weak pelvic floor is urinary incontinence. If you always experience leakage when you laugh, cough, or sneeze, that means you need to begin your Kegel regimen with the Single Rose Ben Wa Balls.

All you’ve got to do when it’s inside of you is to contract your PC muscles for a count of five, then relax them for the same count. Repeat this simple step five times to make one set and aim for at least 15 minutes of Kegel exercise every day.

The Single Rose Ben Wa Ball isn’t just for health; it’s definitely for fun and exciting foreplay or solo play, too! Buy yours now!

Color Pink
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Medical Silicone + Metal
Dimensions (in.)


Total length: 4.13 inches

cord: 2.56 inches

wrapped ball: 1.57 inches


1.38 inches


Single Rose Ben Wa Balls

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  • $79.99

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