Silent Reinforcer Black Gag
Silent Reinforcer Black Gag
Silent Reinforcer Black Gag
Silent Reinforcer Black Gag
Silent Reinforcer Black Gag

Can't your sub stop blabbering and talking dirty while you are at play? You're the Dom, so shut her up. If warnings don't work, then better use the Silent Reinforcer Black Gag.

The two-inch silicone gag will make your submissive partner quiet instantly the moment you put it in her mouth. Let her bite onto the squishy yet firm ball when she feels like screaming with ecstasy. And when she moans or speaks, all you can hear is a muffled sound. Helpless as she can't freely make any pleasure noise, she will also be humiliated when she drools non-stop.

She won't be able to spit it out when she needs to take a break because you will keep the gag in place by fastening the strap around her head. The buckle closure is designed with a loop so that you can use a padlock to make sure there's no escaping.

Attachments are secure, so no parts will ever snap should your slave show resistance. Made to be durable, this gag tool has a classic design. Its simplicity speaks of its functionality—sans distractive colors, sans trinkets, and other adornments that divide attention.

The ball and the straps are all in black, and the shiny metal parts accentuate the overall look. It will look great on any slave or sub, regardless of one's gender or sexual orientation. With its belt style, it's so easy to loosen and tighten. Finding the right fit will never be a problem. The simple closure mechanism makes it easy to fasten and unfasten.

All parts are made of quality material. The ball is silicone, so it's tasteless and odorless. It's washable with water and soap, too. The straps are vegan-friendly leather. Nothing will ever scratch or chafe your sub's neck as all the metal bits are smooth. The edges of the leather straps won't cause discomfort, either.

Enjoy your sub's muffled screams! Buy now and gag her soon!

Color Black
Material Straps - PU Leather
Gag - Silicone
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: Ball - 1.89 inches (4.8 cm)


Silent Reinforcer Black Gag

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