Silent Buzzing Double-Ended Vibrating Beads
Silent Buzzing Double-Ended Vibrating Beads

So, your partner is celebrating his birthday soon. You think he already has everything. Heck, you both even got a great sex life! What is still there left to give?

Go for the experience! Let him ream you from behind!

Before you proceed with that, train your sweet bum first with this Silent Buzzing Double-Ended Vibrating Beads.

The product name says it all. Its topnotch silent buzzing enables you to play with it all you want- discreetly. The double-ended design allows you to either go for the smaller one and move to pass the significant one once your bumhole is set to accommodate more.

This multi-speed and frequency device ensures the best blowout for your booty. With its easy to adjust buttons, you can finally attest with the saying, the sky is the limit. The oscillations this love machine provides can do so much as titillating, not only your bum but also your pussy. Feel the vibrations targeting your A and G spot for an intense climax!

Make things more exciting by going for a double penetration ride. Tandem use this gismo with your dildo. Remember that the intensity of getting the toy in is the same as pulling it out. What more when remove it while as you get close to your mind-blowing finish, right?

Treat your backside like a queen with the high-standard material of this toy. With a silicone base, you can rest assured that you are only inserting the best inside your bum hole.

Always smother your device and that sweet spot with a water-based lube whenever you feel the need for backdoor stimulation. By providing slick, you are saving your ass from that crappy painful sphincter skin-tearing.

Use this toy wherever, whenever, with its USB charging feature. Just don’t overcharge it to maintain the best quality of its batteries.

Thanks to its waterproof property, you can wash this toy with warm water and mild soap before and after use.

Make his birthday memorable. Add this product to your cart now!

Color Rose red
Material Silicone
Total Length: 7.87 inches (18 cm)
Insertable Length: N/A
Top Bead: 1.30 inches (3.3 cm)
Bottom Bead: 1.97 inches (5.0 cm)


Silent Buzzing Double-Ended Vibrating Beads

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