Shock Therapy Electric Prostate Stimulator
Shock Therapy Electric Prostate Stimulator
Shock Therapy Electric Prostate Stimulator
Shock Therapy Electric Prostate Stimulator
Shock Therapy Electric Prostate Stimulator

Whether it's a tiring or a terrible day, it only takes a good massage to wipe all that negativities away. Jump into the realm of prostate massage, and you'll be delighted to have an outlet every time you feel you're not in your best mood. Let our Shock Therapy Electric Prostate Stimulator be your best buddy, and it will send you to ecstatic bliss.

This product is an excellent source of titillations. It comes with a different type of butt plugs and an electric pulsator. If you are aiming for a beginner-friendly style, you can go for the Torpedo and Bulb plugs. But if you're already a pro on this, then you can get the beaded one. Go for a gentle massage first, then continue elevating the mode depending upon your tolerance for action-packed oscillations. We swear you'll experience a never-before kind of stimulation as it aims for your P-spot's climactic finish.

Don't underestimate the power of this tool in shocking you to the core. The base material of the plugs is stainless steel. With that, you already know that any of the three will be unwavering and merciless. Expect some tingling sensations, too, as the plug touches the sensitive walls of your anal canal. What's more exciting about this device is that it allows you to go for a temperature play. You can soak the plug on ice-cold water, or dip it quickly on a hot one. Just make sure never to overdo the temperature preparation as your backside may not withstand extremeness. 

Make sure to grab a silicone-based lubricant for a more comfortable ride. Take it in slowly; you are in no race to be speeding up the insertion. Don't stop until you can already feel the tip pressing against your prostate gland.

 Remember, it pays to be hygienic all the time. Clean the plug before and after use with warm water and mild soap. You may opt to put it to boil for 5 to 10 minutes for sterilization. Dry it thoroughly before storing it at room temperature.

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Color Silver
Material Stainless steel
Dimension Length:
A. Torpedo- 2.36 inches (60 mm)
B. Bulb- 2.36 inches (60 mm)
C. Beads
Overall- 6.30 inches (160 mm)
Handle- 2.28 inches (58 mm)
A. Torpedo- 1.06 inches (27 mm) B. Bulb- 1.02 inches (26 mm)
C. Beads- 1.02 inches (26 mm)


Shock Therapy Electric Prostate Stimulator

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