Shiny Rough Heart Nipple Pasties
Shiny Rough Heart Nipple Pasties
Shiny Rough Heart Nipple Pasties

It’s hard to imagine a world without brassieres. They have been around for so long, and women thought that they should wear them.

However, there came a time when comfort won over aesthetics that women began to doubt the necessity of wearing bras. Several groups have emerged, supporting causes like Anti-Bra and Free the Nipple movements. For this reason, the use of nipple covers regained the popularity that dwindled when the burlesque era started to fade.

The Shiny Rough Heart Nipple Pasties are very versatile. You can use these covers to tame your headlights so they won’t show through your shirt, or wear them as a part of your costume for some sexy bedtime stories. Cover your titillated tits using these sexy outfit accessories with light-reflecting rhinestones. We assure you; your partner’s jaw will drop while your perky boobies sparkle with every jiggle. You can either put them on as excellent props for your erotic striptease number or wear it underneath a sheer top. These covers will capture the eyes of your lover in all sensual ways.

Are you new to wearing nipple covers? Do not fret; these pasties are not that hard to put on. These pasties will stick best to a clean and dry area, so make sure to tick this on your checklist. Skip applying lotion or moisturizer on your nipple and areolae areas for optimum efficacy. Peel off the plastic sheet at the back and carefully place it on your nipple. Press it firmly to keep it in place.

These covers are hypoallergenic and completely safe for prolonged wear. You’re also saving a few bucks as they are reusable. Just clean them with warm soapy water and store them safely after each use.

Keep your lover’s eyes glued on you with the Shiny Rough Heart Nipple Pasties. Happy sticking!

Color Silver, Gold
Material PVC
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: 1.97 inches


Shiny Rough Heart Nipple Pasties

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