Shiny Aluminum Jeweled Butt Plug 3.23 Inches Long


Looking for a nice way to up the pleasure of intimacy? Meet our Shiny Aluminum Jeweled Butt Plug 3.23 Inches Long, a sex toy that guarantees fun behind closed doors.

This shiny, jeweled aluminum butt plug is offered in two sizes, small and medium. It’s sold in 3 great jewel colors to choose from to bedazzle your bum. Red is known to be the color of passion whereas black can be mysterious yet sexy and elegant. The third one fuses different hues, playing flirtatiously with any light.

Made of aluminum alloy, it’s durable yet surprisingly lightweight. What’s more, it’s smooth surface is an indication that it’s non-porous. The teardrop-shaped design makes it comfortable for insertion and internal accommodation. If you’re worried about having something getting lost in your rectum, fret not as the flared base will prevent it from being totally sucked in.

To fully enjoy your anal experience, there are simple guidelines to keep in mind. Make sure that your toy gets cleaned after and before each use to prevent contamination. You might think that its smooth surface will make the slide easily, but knowing that the ass can be really tight, lubing up is a great idea. So, be generous when applying lube on your toy and in your bum. It’s not really silly to toy with your back hole; you’re actually encouraged to warm it up by inserting a finger or two to prepare it for the plug’s entry. Insertion should be gentle as thrusting could hurt and injure your bum. Relax and take your time.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can enjoy a butt plug in two ways. You can simply leave it in while you masturbate or have intercourse with your mate. Either way is incredibly orgasmic! Do not forget, however, that this butt plug is meant to prepare your bum for a much bigger surprise like a hard, unstoppable cock!

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Color Silver
Type Jeweled Plug
Material Handle: N/A
Plug: Aluminum alloy


Handle:  N/A
Plug: Small: 2.76”, Medium: 3.15”


Handle: N/A
Plug: Small: 1.10”, Medium: 1.34”