Sexy Purple Butterfly Geisha Balls
Sexy Purple Butterfly Geisha Balls

Butterflies are not only felt in your stomach, but you can also feel it in your love tunnel. You just have to get our Sexy Purple Butterfly Geisha Balls. These geisha balls will take your sex life to a new world of pleasure.

Our Purple Butterfly Balls have a unique design compared to other vaginal balls. This one has a curved beaded elastic rod with a loop on one end and a butterfly design.

The balls inside the silicone-based structure add weight to the toy. They provide new sensations as the balls keep rolling inside you. Meanwhile, the loop serves as the handle. It gives you control over the movement of the Kegel trainer and enables you to push and pull it with ease.

You might be wondering how these adorable geisha balls could help you reach the pinnacle of orgasmic pleasure? It actually depends on how you use these balls.

When used for foreplay sessions, these lovely vaginal balls can reawaken your senses as the curvy handle hits all your erogenous zones. However, when used as a tool for Kegel Exercise, these balls can tighten your fuck tunnel as if nobody has entered your hollow entrance before.

Having a tight pussy will definitely turn your man on even more upon seeing the small hole between your legs. He will play with it and thrust his dick hard into it as he likes the feeling brought by fucking a narrow entrance. In other words, our Sexy Butterfly Geisha Balls will definitely spice up your lives in your bedroom!

Want to feel these sensations and meet each other's satisfaction? Don't hesitate to hit that "Add to Cart" button and get our Sexy Purple Butterfly Geisha Balls. But be warned: you have to be ready because your lover will ask for more rounds of sex play!

Color Purple
Type Geisha Balls
Material Silicone + Metal
Dimensions (in.)


5.67 in.


1.18 in.


Sexy Purple Butterfly Geisha Balls

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  • $79.99

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