Sexy Mini Tight Male Masturbator

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There's no amount of stress high enough that a snug vag cannot massage away! But if you're alone and single, and your penis is yearning for a pussy's tender loving care, here's a pleasure tool you can hump all night. This Sexy Mini Tight Male Masturbator will be your dick's companion in turning cold evenings, into a night of orgasmic pleasure for you and your junior.

You've probably lost track of all the things your hands had to do all day. After a long and tiring day at work, you feel so tempted to use your hands yet again, for a special me-time. But overusing your hands can lead to muscle and joint pains. It can also lead to your penis' desensitization, which is a result of putting too much pressure around your junior. For this reason, some sex toy enthusiasts prefer to use pocket pussies to masturbate instead of their bare hands. Severe cases of this so-called "death grip" can also lead to the penis' disability to naturally orgasm during penile penetration with a partner.

So, if you're in heat and you want to masturbate, do not procrastinate in getting this Sexy Mini Tight Male Masturbator. With its realistic design, you'll never have to exert too much effort from your wrist or hand ever again. That's because this pocket pussy features a vag-shaped entry hole with a cushy fat labia and a tight uterus.

A product made from TPE; it gives a lifelike touch and feeling as your penis rubs against its tunnel. The base has a shape that resembles a lady's booty. This part will bump against your testicles and perineum, increasing the level of stimulation as you grind and destroy this pocket pussy all night long.

There's no shame in giving your hand a helping hand. Getting this male masturbator is the best decision you will make this year. Add this to your cart now!

Color Flesh
Material TPE
Dimension Length: 7.48 inches (190 mm.)
Width/Diameter: 4.92 inches (125 mm.)
Height: 2.95 inches (75 mm.)