Sexy Hot Star Pastie
Sexy Hot Star Pastie
Sexy Hot Star Pastie

Sometimes you just got to party like a rock star—away from the stressful life you got. Wearing rebellious attire all night and sleeping by daytime can be fun and exciting. Of course, that’s until you have to pay for your bills and manage your adulting needs.

Oh well, you can still slay that from time to time, and show the world your rock star tits with this Sexy Hot Star Pastie.

Be it at a concert, on a hot summer day, or just sexy time with your partner, these sexy pasties got you covered to make you look oh-so-hot!

These beauties come in seductive black and luscious red variants you can choose from. Their exterior parts are of spandex material, so you can expect them to feel gentle and smooth. You can wear them all day, too! They sure are sweat-resistant, so the boobies stay fresh. Another feature these pasties are commendable for is their softness. With this property, the covers effortlessly drape on the skin of your breast, wrinkle-free.

Medical-grade adhesives, on the other hand, are to assist you when it comes to putting the pasties on your tits. You can rely on them to protect your nipples against mishaps—like accidentally coming off or moving elsewhere on the chest as they tend to stick firmly in place. They promise safe and sound adhesions with their hypoallergenic and non-toxic contents, so get to say bye-bye to allergic reactions and skin irritations.

Start the process by cleaning your boobies with rubbing alcohol. The boobies must be clean and free of skin oil and dirt as they don’t go along with the adhesives. Peel off the protective layers, then proceed to put the pasties on your tits.

When you are done, remove the covers and wash your breasts thoroughly. Make sure to go over all the adhesive remnants as these may trigger skin irritations when neglected.

Dispose of them properly or recycle by getting skin-friendly body glue or double-sided tape. Add these fun and exciting rockstar chic pasties to your cart now!

Color/Type Red, Black
Material Exterior: Spandex
Interior: Adhesives
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A


Sexy Hot Star Pastie

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