Sexy Dual Orb Ben Wa Balls
Sexy Dual Orb Ben Wa Balls
Sexy Dual Orb Ben Wa Balls
Sexy Dual Orb Ben Wa Balls
Sexy Dual Orb Ben Wa Balls
Sexy Dual Orb Ben Wa Balls

If you make your love hole tighter, it will be your gateway to heaven. Meet the Sexy Dual Orb Ben Wa Balls, the perfect tool for a pleasurable Kegel workout to strengthen your pelvic floor and tighten your vaginal walls for health and bedroom fun.

The Sexy Dual Ben Wa Balls are two hollow balls that are wrapped in silicone. Inside these two external balls are smaller, weighted metal balls that roll and jiggle with every move you make. Each time these internal balls shake, you’ll feel vibrations that will stimulate and naturally work out your PC muscles.

Each ball is 1.30 inches in diameter, and the total length of these two connected balls is 6.42 inches, including the cord. You’ll be glad to have this cord because it allows easy retrieval. With its purple color, it is fitting to call this a “Sexy” Ben Wa ball.

Using these Ben Wa Balls is easy. Before gleefully tucking them behind those folds, make sure to wash them thoroughly with warm soapy water to eliminate possible dirt and to get rid of germs. Rinse well, then pat dry with a clean piece of cloth. Make sure that your hands are clean, as well, to prevent introducing any bacteria in your love hole.

Once hygiene is ensured, apply water-based lubricant on the balls, and don’t forget to put some on your vaginal opening for a slippery slide. Be gentle with the insertion, and if possible, use your vaginal muscles to suck the second ball until it is completely in.

Once the balls are inside, squeeze them with your PC muscles for a count of 5, then relax for the same number of counts to avoid straining your muscles. Complete 5 reps for each set. Since it’s a pleasurable Kegel training, we hope that you can dedicate some of your time and make it a daily routine for the best results.

Restore the strength of your pelvic floor and reap a multitude of benefits that go with it. Now more than ever, experience intimacy that’s flaming hot! Buy the Sexy Dual Orb Ben Wa Balls now!

Color Purple
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone + Metal
Dimensions (in.)


Total: 6.42 inches


1.30 inches


Sexy Dual Orb Ben Wa Balls

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  • $79.99

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