Sexy Bear-Inspired Geisha Balls 2pcs Set

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Bears will always have a soft spot in every girl's heart...of her femininity! Get our Sexy Bear-Inspired Geisha Balls 2pcs Set and let these Kegel exercise balls climb the pinnacle of pleasure.

Our Bear-inspired Geisha Balls don't look sensual compared to other sex toys. In fact, they look adorable that even a child would think that it's just a purely innocent toy (so, you'd better store it in a safe place where your child wouldn't find it).

Our Bear Geisha Ball Set has an ergonomic design with a bear shape on one of the Kegel balls. These balls ensure comfort and are body-safe. These vagina trainers are made from premium silicone. Hence, they are flexible and have a smooth finish. The balls are also easy to clean! You just have to dip them in warm water with mild soap, and you're done.

Now that you know its features, you might be wondering how these Kegel trainers could help you reach the elusive pinnacle of pleasure? Well, one of their benefits is that they tighten your vaginal walls. This could lead to a more exhilarating sex act as men like to fuck a tight cunt.

Furthermore, having a narrow entrance makes your inner lips more sensitive. It lets you feel every suck, nibble, kiss, lick and thrust that your partner does onto your pussy, which leads to a better orgasm.

As an added bonus, this amazing set can help improve your reproductive health. When used regularly, these balls can tone up your pelvic muscles; thus, reducing pain caused by childbirth and improving bladder control.

With these remarkable features and benefits, you have no reason to look further than our Sexy Bear-Inspired Geisha Balls 2pcs Set. What are you waiting for? Get this kit now and level up your sex life!

Color Purple, Rose Red
Type Geisha Balls
Material Silicone
Dimensions (in.)


Single Ball: 4.72 inches

Dual Balls: 6.30 inches


1.18 inches