Sensual Vibrations Rubber Anal Beads
Sensual Vibrations Rubber Anal Beads
Sensual Vibrations Rubber Anal Beads

Have you ever felt the need to release big time? If you're craving for a new kind of sexual high, then you have to be daring enough to put something up your butt while your genital is getting the usual pleasure. Ask those who love DP, and they will tell you it is all worth it. 

Whether you're a newbie or an expert, our Sensual Vibrations Rubber Anal Beads are for you. Whether you have a penis or a vagina, as long as you have a hole to dig, you will enjoy the beats and pulses of these bulging spirals. It features a tip shaped like a penis head; all over its shaft are swirls that will be palpably delightful once they start caressing and massaging the walls of your narrow tunnel.    

Intensifying the pleasure are the small and big extensions. As you drive the shaft deep, these two will tickle the perineum and clitoris simultaneously. Worried it could get lost inside? These two ticklers will prevent any mishaps as they will keep the device from traveling further.  

Tremble with delight once it starts to vibrate. Power it up with one reliable AA battery for uninterrupted fun. Make sure to get it ready before it's delivered, so you can try it right away the moment it arrives. 

It's a tool made of rubber; hence, it's body-conforming. Feel free to move however you like because it will flex and bend when you do.  

We can't emphasize enough the importance of lubing as the backdoor doesn't self-lubricate. Without lube or very little of it, pushing this toy can cause tearing of tissues. The more lube you apply in your butt and on your device, the more comfortable and pleasurable the play will be. Keep in mind, as well, that cleaning and disinfecting this pleasure device before and after use is a must. Use warm water and anti-bacterial soap to make it safe and sanitary for internal use. To make cleaning easier, coat it with a condom. 

Reach higher peaks with this tool. Buy now!  

Color Flesh
Material Rubber
Total Length: 9.84 inches
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: N/A
Beads: 1.38 inches


Sensual Vibrations Rubber Anal Beads

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