Sensation Overload Penis Pleasure Toy

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You are done for the day. You're deciding whether to head to the bar or go straight home. After a long day's hard work, you need to chill and relax. Drinking alcohol can ease your anxieties, but when you drink too much, you'll suffer from a hangover the following day. But if you choose to come home to Sensation Overload Penis Pleasure Toy, not only will you be able to ease your worries, but you'll also go to work refreshed and invigorated. You can also follow it up the next morning to boost your mood and make your day!

The Sensation Overload Penis Pleasure Toy features a pussy nestled in a heart. A vagina spread for your viewing delight, it will make you drool with lust. With those delicate-looking folds and a clit, you'll be thrilled to dip your pole. So get your lube ready because you'll need it to make this pussy wet and slippery for an amazing glide.

Use water-based type as it's compatible with TPE. Slather your cock with thrill and feel it throbbing. Next, wet the entrance with the same lube, savoring the softness of each detail. Once you're done with your lubing ritual, it's time to dig in to enjoy the fresh, succulent clam.

Its super soft feel is due to its quality material. This will give you a nice wrap and grip, especially when you squeeze it. TPE is non-toxic, so you won't have to worry about cancer-causing compounds like phthalates and BPA.

To enjoy it best, keep this realistic vagina clean, fresh, and bacteria-free. To do this, wash it with warm, soapy water before and after use. Rinse well, wipe it dry, and make sure there's no moisture inside.

Drown yourself in intoxicating pleasure with a vagina that never gets tired no matter what. It's only a few clicks away. Grab one now!

Color Flesh
Material TPE
Dimension Length: 7.48 inches
Width/Diameter: 4.33 inches