Sensation Overload Gold Penis Sleeve
Sensation Overload Gold Penis Sleeve
Sensation Overload Gold Penis Sleeve
Sensation Overload Gold Penis Sleeve
Sensation Overload Gold Penis Sleeve

Don't you hate it whenever someone serves with a sausage that's not filling enough? But having a partner with a short dick is incomparable. You get screwed but not only-half screwed. It's funny in a way, but it's frustrating. When you are always left hanging and starving, then you've got to make him wear our Sensation Overload Gold Penis Sleeve. Not only does it add length and thickness, but it also intensifies the sensation with its richly textured outer surface.

This cock sleeve is available in four variants. They are different in sizes and shapes, so choose based on your preference and needs. Variant A offers a tapered head, and it's ridged from top to bottom. The wavy ridges on its body will create ripples of orgasmic sensations as your partner thrusts himself into you. It's the biggest among the four. Variant B has rows of spikes all over it, from the head down to the base of the shaft. Its head is rounded and thicker than the body. Variant C boasts a variety of textures on its surface. Its round head is ribbed, and the bump below it has clusters of raised dots. The shaft also has lines and more ribs to make every glide erotic and satisfying. And lastly but not least, variant D features ticklers all over its dome-shaped head. Its body is also richly textured with raised dots and ribs to make it more stimulating. All four options offer pleasure that will take you to the edge.

Whichever you choose among these options, you'll never regret it. They're all made of high-quality material that's flexible yet firm enough for you to feel the natural hardness of a cock. Wash it thoroughly with warm, soapy water, then dry it well before stashing it away.

Satisfy your longing, and don't go sexually hungry again. Grab now!

Color/Type Gold
Material Rubber
Dimension Length:
A: 5.31 inches (135 mm)
B: 5.12 inches (130 mm)
C: 5.51 inches (140 mm)
D: 5.31 inches (135 mm)
A: 1.69 inches (43 mm)
B: 1.65 inches (42 mm)
C: 1.77 inches (45 mm)
D: 1.42 inches (36 mm)

Sensation Overload Gold Penis Sleeve

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