Sensation Overload Black Glans Ring

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Do you like your c-ring with just swirls around it or a design-filled one with thorns, twirls, and bumps? Whatever you choose for a glans ring tells many things about how you'd like to stimulate your partner's pussy.

Try to imagine putting this toy on your shaft, and then it enters her love hole-- ah! The incitement she'll feel will excite you to intensely bang her until she reaches a plethora of orgasmic feels.

Get to explore all these when you get our Sensation Overload Black Glans Ring.

This toy's flexuous feature can be owed to its base material, silicone. Indeed, it is one of the best materials for pleasure toys like this ring as it doesn't pose harm or skin-irritation to the wearer.

It is also pocket-sized as its small variant only bears 1.83 inches in length and 0.87 inches of diameter while the large one goes for about 2.26 inches of length and 0.96 inches of girth.

To put this ring on, you'd need the best possible support you can get. Make sure to rub an ample amount of water-based lube on your shaft and slide to position the ring.

You may opt to stick with it as a glans or put it in the middle part of your dick. Heck, you can even set the ring on reverse position so that the embedded designs will add incitement to your penis.

What a small but terrible toy it is! As if it's not yet giving you all, this ring also happens to provide a slightly jutting and long-lasting erectile projection! And for the epic part, oh boy, it's wrapping everything with a robust cum.

Now, you may wash it with clean water and mild soap that you'd use for your skin for the cleaning part. Make sure to dry it up thoroughly before storing it at room temperature to maintain its best quality.

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Color/Type Crystal Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
Small: 1.83 inches (46.5 mm)
Large: 2.26 inches (57. 5 mm)
Small: N/A
Large: N/A
Small: 0.87 inches (22 mm)
Large: 0.96 inches (24.5 mm)