Salt and Pepper Cat Tail Butt Plug 20 Inches Long


You will never go wrong when you try on our Salt and Pepper Cat Tail Butt Plug 20 Inches Long! It has all the great assets of an amazing butt plug plus more. We have made sure to give you the safest, most enjoyable experience as this plug is made with premium quality stainless steel. Steel is a very versatile material as it can be used in temperature play. Add a little kink into your usual foreplay with a little chill or warmth on the plug! 

Steel also has a very smooth surface and a certain heftiness that can be beneficial for those just starting on their plug journey. This plug also has a unique beaded design for that different lusty vibration as you slide it into the ass.  This toy also features a flared base so that you can safely do a hands-free plug play without worrying about losing your plug inside the anal canal. The base also has an attached cat-like synthetic fur that will be a great addition to your animal role-playing game. Purr your way into your partner’s carnal desires and ignite your sexual appetite with this wild touch!

Anal sex may be a little tricky to start with but can be very rewarding once you master it. For those still starting on anal sex, this plug will be your guide. Placing this in your bum can actually widen the sphincters for your partner to readily take you. Just make sure to add a lot of lube and do it nice and gentle and let your senses take over.

The amazing thing about a butt plug is that it doesn't choose a gender or any sexual preference. Anyone can enjoy the good lusty benefits of a great plug.

Try on one now and feel an amazing difference!


Handle:  Black with white

Plug:  Gold, Silver

Type Tail Plug

Handle:  Synthetic Fur

Plug:  Stainless Steel



Handle:  17.72 inches 

Plug: 2.84 inches


Handle:   N/A

Plug:  1.14 inches