Rolling Beads Masturbator Geisha Balls

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If the usual sex acts are not enough to meet your partner's satisfaction, then let our Rolling Beads Masturbator Geisha Balls solve your problem! These vaginal balls will roll into the deepest depths of your love tunnel.

Our Rolling Beads Geish Balls boast marvelous features that help you reach the peak of sexual bliss. For one, the handle of the balls is made from medical-grade silicone. This material is known for its flexibility, making our toys ideal for beginners. It is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic, which makes these vaginal balls safe to use.

Additionally, this device has two detachable geisha balls. Since they are removable, you may use them with or without the handle.

Inside each Kegel ball is a smaller ball made from ABS plastic. This inner ball is responsible for reawakening your sensuality and improving your sex life.

As the vaginal balls roll around your pelvic floor, the inner balls hit the interior of the Kegel trainers, creating a subtle buzz into your core. They also add weight to the balls, providing new sensations like no other!

So, how do these Rolling Geisha Balls help you meet your lover's sexual satisfaction? Simple - by making your v-hole tight! Men love to fuck a small pussy. They like the feeling of having their manhood snugged by your narrow entrance. As a result, their thrusts become faster and deeper, allowing them to reach the peak of their pleasure.

This also benefits you because it makes your pussy more sensitive to every touch and action, leading to a better orgasmic pleasure.

So, the next time you want to level up your sex life, you have to buy and use our Rolling Beads Masturbator Geisha Balls! We guarantee you; your man will ask for another round.

Color Flesh, Pink
Type Geisha Balls
Material Silicone + ABS
Dimensions (in.)


6.42 in.


Handle: 1.30 in.

Geisha Balls: 1.18 in.