Jizz Sprinkler Metal Cock Cage
Jizz Sprinkler Metal Cock Cage
Jizz Sprinkler Metal Cock Cage
Jizz Sprinkler Metal Cock Cage

For some of us, power and control plays are part of our sexual relationships and experiences. These allow us to have a better hold of our sexual energies. If you are looking for a sex toy that you can use in order to achieve this, check out the Jizz Sprinkler Metal Cock Cage.

With the help of advanced professional production technology, this holy trainer is an excellent addition to your collection. It doesn't matter if you will be using this as part of your BDSM lifestyle or something that will add spice to your sex life.

It's made from top quality stainless steel and has been welded and polished manually. This is not made from ordinary brass that has been plated to resemble stainless steel; we only offer top quality material for your safety. With this kind of material, the Jizz Sprinkler Metal Cock Cage is a body-safe option.

When you get the Jizz Sprinkler Metal Cock Cage in the mail, don't be surprised if you would be getting a couple of things. You need all of the items in the chastity device kit to be able to set everything up!

The first item here is the 2.56 x 1.30 stainless steel cock cage with a silver finish. It also includes a cock ring made from stainless steel as well. You are only allowed to select one size from the five options available. The sizes are as follows - 1.5, 1.63, 1.75, 1.87. 2.0 inches. You would also be getting a locking pin and a spacer tube. It also comes with a brass padlock and a key. You need to put all these parts together to be able to get the best experience ever!

So lock up that naughty cock and enjoy sex like never before. You will reap rewards that will be out of this world!

Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimension (inches)


1.5 inches

1.63 inches

1.75 inches

1.87 inches

 2.0 inches

Cock Cage Dimension (inches)


2.36 inches


1.30 inches


Jizz Sprinkler Metal Cock Cage

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  • $111.99

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