Ring Type Adjustable Nipple Clamps

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Bondage and whips are commonly used tools for inflicting pain and pleasure during sex play...but there are other tools that can also give the same sensations. Introducing...our Ring Type Adjustable Nipple Clamps! They may be small, but they can take your sex play to a new level.

Our Ring Adjustable Nipple Clamps boast a stylish and elegant design. These clips for nips have two round loops with four screws on each ring. All these parts are made from stainless steel. Hence, you can be sure of their quality. The material also provides a cooling sensation as soon as the clasps touch your skin.

The round clips have four holes where the screws are inserted. These clamps keep the pins in place as they pinch your sensitive chest raisins.

Meanwhile, the screws can enhance the senses of your tits and mix pain with erotic bliss. The pins are pushed until they hit your nipples, which causes a bit of discomfort and numbness. But when the screws are removed, they let the blood flow onto your chest area, which stimulates all the nerve endings. This gives you waves of sexual pleasure, as it allows you to feel every hand and tongue movements made by your lover.

Our Ring Type Nipple Clamps are ideal for both genders. You can also pair them with other sex toys to level up your nipple play. The best part? These small but coquettish accessories can be used on other parts like your clit to enhance your sex drive and orgasm. Just don't forget to clean these trinkets before and after using them.

So, why get the usual BDSM toys when you can get the same pleasure and pain with our Ring Type Adjustable Nipple Clamps? With these clamps, you will be moaning with pleasure and asking for more from your dominant partner!

Color Silver
Material Metal
Type Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
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Width: N/A
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