Ribbon Bell Sequin Nipple Cover

Ribbon Bell Sequin Nipple Cover

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Someone serves you with two cupcakes. Both are frosted with icing. However, one of them has a cherry on top, and the other one doesn't. Which cupcake looks more enticing to you? Which one will you most likely grab first? There's a fat chance that you'll go for the one with a cherry on top.

So the next time you're planning on flaunting your bare chest to your partner, you better think twice, as your lovely breasts will look a lot better with our Ribbon Bell Sequin Nipple Cover.

Sway your lovely bosom as hard as you can and make those small bells on your nipples ring loud. Make your lover's head turn with the sound emanating from your full and perky breasts. With these Ribbon Bell Sequin Nipple Cover decorating your round boobies, your partner will not be able to help himself but grab them. These cute nipple covers in colors white and red will make your titties sparkle, as each petal has lots of shimmering sequins. As if these bright sequins aren't enough, each petal also has a white ribbon on top. And let's not forget the dangling bells, which you can use to call your partner's attention.

Make sure that these covers stay securely on your breasts by ensuring that your titties are squeaky clean. You can wash your chest area with soap and water, or better yet, take a relaxing shower to prep your entire body. Wipe your chest dry using a soft towel. Take a mental note of where to position the covers so you can place each with one go. You can wear these pasties for six to eight hours, but we do not recommend wearing them while sleeping.

Make some attractive noise by jiggling your breasts! Then, make louder noises as the night heats up. Add these pasties to your cart now!


Color White and Red
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A