Ribbed Aluminum Jeweled Butt Plug 3pcs Set

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Gain access to the great and unconventional world of anal sex play! Have you always wondered how it feels to be entered from “behind”? We know you have always been curious but never had the courage to ask your partner about it. Well, now is your chance to try it out for yourself by buying our Ribbed Aluminum Jeweled Butt Plug 3pcs Set!

Meet plug set is composed of three butt plugs of different sizes of small, medium, and large. Whether you are just starting out in anal sex play, or if you are already an expert in this area, then we have the appropriate size to fit you!

Each butt plug in this set is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. This material is lightweight, easy to clean, and free of harmful chemicals. Have no fear that dangerous stuff will enter your body. The top is shaped like a beehive while the base is flared with a round rhinestone-crusted bottom. Some of the well-known rhinestone colors that you can choose from are black, olive green, blue, brown, green, hot pink, purple, pink, red, sky blue, or white. This butt plug is not only pretty to look at but safe and comfortable to use as well.

Worried about how to can clean your sex toy? Come and get your antibacterial soap, rinse it with water, then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. Then put some of your favorite oil-based or silicone-based lubricant to let it slide easier in your butt. Now, lie down, relax, and feel the ridges of the butt plug pushing in against the walls of your ass giving off exhilarating and pleasurable sensations!

Grab this chance of getting your own Ribbed Aluminum Jeweled Butt Plug 3pcs Set today!


Plug: Silver

Rhinestone: Black, Olive Green, Blue, Brown, Green, Hot Pink, Purple, Pink, Red, Sky Blue, White

Type Jeweled Plug

Handle: Aluminum Alloy

Plug: Aluminum Alloy



handle: no dimensions available

plug: 2.76 inches (Small) 3.15 inches (Medium) 3.54 inches (Large)


handle: no dimensions available

plug: 1.10 inches (Small) 1.34 inches (Medium) 1.57 inches (Large)