Reusable Heart Nipple Covers
Reusable Heart Nipple Covers

You have always wanted to give your lover a little surprise every time he takes you out. You want something sexy but not too much. Well, what better way to celebrate a simple date than with a surprise detail underneath your clothes!

Yes, you see this eye-catching nipple covers right! They are sleek, and they will give you that much needed fiery touch to amp up your night. These are our Reusable Heart Nipple Covers. Very simple, yet when worn, will make all the difference.

We know the struggle of wearing a bra, especially when you want to feel comfortable. With these on, you will be at ease. Aside from that, you will protect yourself from embarrassing nip slips, especially with your sexy plunging dress on.

These nipple covers will feel like skin to the touch as they are made of high-grade silicone. You don't have to worry about nasty skin infections because this medium is hypoallergenic as well.

In wearing these on, you will need to make sure your teats are clean and dry. Any moisture or oil will disturb the adhesive on the nipple covers. Ensure you massage the pasties on the intended surface, locking them gently to make sure they will not fall off.

You can use this during your lovemaking as a tease or maybe as a new accessory. Whatever your plans are, make sure to do aftercare so that you can enjoy using this for a long time. Wash these pieces gently with warm water and mild soap. Air-dry it, and place it on a separate container.

Enjoy the view of your discovery! Admire yourself in the mirror as these lovely pieces will enhance your boobs. Of course, your lover will be crazy with desire when he sees you with a freer bust, enticing him to squeeze it! Go wild in the most subtle way with these kinky nipple covers. Don't worry; we will ship your order discreetly!

Color Black with White Ribbon
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches) N/A
Length: N/A
Width: N/A

Reusable Heart Nipple Covers

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