Red Kiss Me Heart Pasty
Red Kiss Me Heart Pasty
Red Kiss Me Heart Pasty
Red Kiss Me Heart Pasty

Red Kiss Me Heart Pasty

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Are you ready for your anniversary? Well, if you haven't planned everything out yet, you might want to consider wearing the newest sexy trend among womenthe nipple pasties.

To make you look more inviting is our Red Kiss Me Heart Pasty that comes in not just one pair but ten pairs! Sounds like a great buy, right?

Choose and settle between the striking and glowing luminous variant or non-luminous ones. Whatever you pick will surely awaken your partner's dick!

Ater dinner, slip off your dress and get ready to impress. Seduce him fully and make the foreplay long-lasting.

Polyester is the base material of this pasty's design, so you can rest assured to get everything you pay for and more. It is soft and made for the delicate skin of your boobies. The material also ensures comfortable wearing. Such an excellent piece that lets you flirt with ease!

The adhesive has remarkable properties, too. You'll never go wrong with it as it is medical-grade and non-toxic. You can put a piece on your boobies without triggering rashes and allergies. You can trust that this cover will stay in place even if things intensify.

Don't get too cocky and excited about putting this pasty, though. You have to remember that a clean tit is the best one to play with. Grab the rubbing alcohol and tidy up your breast thoroughly. Make sure it is dry before sticking the pasty on it so that it attaches firmly.

When the adhesive stays on the skin for a long time, it is sometimes painful to peel off, so you better be gentle in removing it after use.

While this pasty is supposedly disposable, you can still reuse them by replacing the adhesives with body-safe double-side tape or glue that you can find in the market or online stores.

The best anniversary gifts are your titties! Make sure they are hot and ready. Add this to your cart now!


Color/Type Luminous Red, Non-Luminous Red
Material Exterior: Polyester
Interior: Medical-Grade Adhesive
Dimension Length: 2.98 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.75 inches