Rear Intruder Crystal Anal Beads
Rear Intruder Crystal Anal Beads
Rear Intruder Crystal Anal Beads
Rear Intruder Crystal Anal Beads
Rear Intruder Crystal Anal Beads

You are one spoiled little brat. Your lover always gives you all your whims and desires, no matter how outrageous they can become.

As so, you want to return the favor and give your lover something he has always been wanting—anal stimulation. You're ready, and you need to grab the perfect tool to start your sensual journey with.

Let our Rear Intruder Crystal Anal Beads guide you into having one satisfying trip to O-Town.

This piece is conventional-looking, no hassle, no buttons—just pure erotic piece ready for your sexy plans. It is a great way to start your ass stimulation escapade because it is made of premium quality glass.

Glass is a highly prized material for these toys because of its weight and texture that will feel awesome as it glides on your sensual spots.

This particular variant has three varying sizes of beads to create a remarkable popping sensation as you play. The diameters range from 1.38 inches to 1.22 inches; these spherical features will allow you to experiment and find your kinky rhythm.

When playing with the ass, always remember that safety is your number one priority, so make sure you clean the device well with soap and water. After that, you have to add lots of lube to the toy itself. This step is to make sure you assist the insertion of this piece inside your bum. Remember that the ass does not have natural lubrication.

Set the mood right when you are planning for some self-indulgence. Anal stimulation will reward you with amazing feelings, but it needs to be done slowly.

Insert the toy carefully inside the sphincter as you caress yourself. Leave the toy inside until you feel consumed by lust and you're about to burst! Pull this out just before the climax, and the beads will magnify the experience a thousandfold.

This item is the perfect piece for your sexy endeavors, grab it today!

Color Transparent
Material Glass
Total Length: 5.71 inches (14.5 cm)
Insertable length: N/A/i>
Handle: N/A
Beads: 1.38 inches (3.5 cm), 1.22 inches (3.1 cm),1.30 inches (3.3 cm)


Rear Intruder Crystal Anal Beads

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