Random Color Glitter Nipple Covers With Tassels

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There's nothing more seductive and insanely exciting than turning on your partner. The more you tease him, chances are you'll keep him interested and wanting for more. Let him wonder in amazement and awe with our Random Color Glitter Nipple Covers With Tassels.

These tiny beauties cover up just your nipples so your partner can only stare at your breasts with lust and excitement. The silicone and polyester materials are used to make these nipple covers safe to use on the body and can keep up with your mischievous tactics in the bedroom.

You will be more than pleased when you see your partner helplessly marvels at your breasts, even more, when he sees the tassels sway about as you move around. You can seduce him even more by purposely stripping off in front of him only to reveal these Random Color Glitter Nipple Covers With Tassels covering the most exciting parts of your body. Find out how long he can last, not trying to pry them away from your busts.

Just when your partner thinks that it's all there is, we've added some sparkle into these tiny accessories. All five different colors are glittered, razzled, and dazzled because why not?

Teach your lover how to become a good boy and patiently wait for the main attraction with our vibrant nipple covers. You can leave it on while you're having sex and let him wonder what's underneath. Truthfully speaking, not knowing what's hidden under can cause him to get even more excited and fired up.

Don't be surprised when he suddenly has more energy and drive. Keeping your nipples a secret from his prying eyes is more than just a tease; it's torture. Let him wait and see when it gets the both of you.

But you don't have to wait. Buy one of our Random Color Glitter Nipple Covers With Tassels now and prepare yourself for a performance of a lifetime.

Color Red, Black, Silver, Purple, Pink
Material Silicone, Polyester
Type Nipple Covers
Dimension (inches)
Length: Free Size
Width: Free Size
Weight: N/A