Rainbow Glitter Nipple Petals

Whether you’re part of the anti-bra movement advocacy or you’re just not a fan of wearing bras daily, your breasts sometimes really need to catch a break from all the hooks and wires that brassieres have. There are several reasons why women choose to go bra-less. Women empowerment means breaking the cultural expectations that go as petty as maintaining firm boobs or believing that going out sans bra is a sign of promiscuity. After all, the rise of feminism is still on, and it has not shown any signs of wavering soon.

There’s nothing better than celebrating your sexuality with your emancipated bosoms, and the Rainbow Glitter Nipple Petals are here to make that happen for you. These rainbow-colored nipple pasties support whatever sexual preference you have. They’re bright and glittery as if telling you that you’re born and meant to shine. And the flower-shaped design embodies femininity in its purest form. Not only can you go bra-less, but you get to do it in impeccable style!

The design of these pasties will remind you of the hippie lifestyle of the 60s. Coincidentally, that’s also the era when women started embracing self-love and accepting their bodies. They began to quit wearing bras to make political statements about sexual liberation and becoming one with nature.

Applying these nipple covers is also as easy as they look. There are only a few things to remember when wearing them. First, you must make sure that your nipple area and your areolae are dry before placing them on. Moisture compromises the effectiveness of the adhesives. On the other hand, you need a bit of dampness to remove them. Wipe away all adhesive residues after carefully peeling the covers off of your boobies.

Stand for what you believe in with these Rainbow Glitter Nipple Petals. Purchase them today!

Color Rainbow
Material Polyester
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2.95 inches
Width: 2.95 inches


Rainbow Glitter Nipple Petals

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