Purple and Black Glitter Nipple Covers

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There's no better way to tease your partner than exposing your entire body except his favorite part--your nipples. Keeping your sought-after nips from your lover can definitely turn him on. It can make his imagination run wild as he gets excited upon seeing those sensitive chest raisins. Well, you can level up the thrill and dazzle your significant partner by wearing these Purple and Black Glitter Nipple Covers on your breasts!

These nipple covers are the perfect way to surprise your man during foreplay. They have a classy design that can draw your lover's attention on your voluptuous busts.

The nipple covers have sparkly little sequins that can add beauty to your luscious bunions. Meanwhile, the long and black tassels can hypnotize your sweetheart as he sees the ridge dangling up and down as you move towards him.

Our Purple and Black Glitter Covers are made from high-quality silicone. This rubbery material has been used for making erotic toys and garments like this one.

Durable and flexible, our Silicone-based Glitter Nipple Covers can be used by all women regardless of their cup size. Hence, you don't have to worry about its fit, as the covers snug perfectly around your nipples.

The covers can also make your sexual routines easy-breezy. No need to remove a clasp to take off your undergarment. Your partner can just pull the tassels down to get rid of the covers and reveal your best asset on him.

Our Purple and Black Glitter Nipple Covers can level up your lives in the bedroom. It can elevate your teasing game and put your man under your power because of your look.

Grab these charming nipple covers by hitting that "Add to Cart" button, then seduce your darling even more while wearing these on your teats.

Color Black, Purple
Material SIlicone
Type Sexy Nipple Covers
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A