Purple Agate Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg
Purple Agate Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg
Purple Agate Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg
Purple Agate Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg
Purple Agate Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg

Does it take time to make him hard? Has it come to the point where no matter what you do, it seems like nothing turns him on anymore? Have you ever considered that your loose vagina could be the problem?

We all know that a tight pussy makes a man go crazy, and just the thought of a narrow, moist hole makes his manhood stand in no time. Most of us will agree that the best orgasm is achieved when a hard dick and a tight pussy are paired.

How then can you reclaim an elastic pussy when you’ve given birth, and aging and menopause are inevitable? While these are impossible to avoid, but there’s a sure way to prevent vaginal atrophy. To do this, you need the help of our Purple Agate Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg. It’s a medium-sized egg, with a length of about 1.41 inches, intended for intermediate users to train their yoni.

This egg, showcasing purple bands, will not only bring holistic healing but also be your Kegel exerciser to reclaim the gripping power your pussy once had. This egg is undrilled, which makes cleanup easy since it doesn’t have a hole where bacteria can hide.

If you’re used to a drilled yoni egg that is easy to retrieve, you might worry if this one could get stuck inside or that it would travel up further. We understand this concern; however, there really is no need to worry. Knowing the female reproductive system, we’re sure that it can’t travel where it shouldn’t be. As for the extraction, it’s done with very little intervention. You just need to relax your pelvic and vaginal muscles to let it slide out.

But more than pleasing your man, using a yoni egg is all about self-love and getting connected with yourself. This is your moment to appreciate your body. As you work towards building up your yoni strength, you’ll harness your divine feminine energy with this Purple Agate egg. So why miss all these opportunities? Buy one now!

Color Purple
Stone/Crystals Purple Agate
Size (inches) 1.41 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Enhances Libido & Reawakens Sensuality, Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles, Resolves Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence, Promotes Circulation in the Female Reproductive System, Increases Sensitivity, Stimulates Natural Lubrication Pre/Post Menopause, Tightens Vaginal Walls, Enhances Intimacy, Assists in Kegel Exercises, Boosts Vaginal Orgasms, Improves Concentration


Purple Agate Crystal Quartz Gemstone Egg

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