Prostate Milking Magical Anal Beads
Prostate Milking Magical Anal Beads
Prostate Milking Magical Anal Beads
Prostate Milking Magical Anal Beads

If your old pleasure tool is no longer satisfying enough, then there's no need to settle. Perhaps, it's about time to try and open up to new methods of gratification, like probing your backdoor, for example.

Yes, indeed. A human's anus is like a Pandora's box filled with thousands of explosive nerve endings. And if you're bold enough to try, let our Prostate Milking Magical Anal Beads welcome you to the world of anal stim.

Enjoy these layers of beads in graduating sizes. Let your butthole expand and retract repeatedly and feel an explosion of sensations burst in your bum. Our Prostate Milking Magical Anal Beads will make penetration feel more pleasant and comfortable, as it has a tapered design that will gradually stretch your rectum. Each pop will ignite more and more nerves, thus building up your sexual drive until you reach a new erotic high.

Anal stim is like a food condiment that can bring the flavor out of your usual bedroom routine. Tickling your clit, or pumping your penis will never the same without these beads inside your anus.

Whether black or purple, you can rest assured that this sex toy is hypoallergenic and durable. That's because its material is high-quality silicone, which feels realistic and is also non-porous and phthalate-free. Enjoy it hands-free by attaching it to a flat surface with the help of its strong suction cup. But before anything else, make sure to lubricate generously. The ass cannot do this on its own, so it's necessary to smother this contraption with water-based lube.

Keep it clean and odor-free by washing it consistently before and after each use. Use your favorite brand of sex toy cleaner, or you can also use warm soapy water.

Experience stimulation that is oddly satisfying from an oddly-shaped pleasure tool. Add this into your cart now!

Color Purple, Black
Material Silicone
Total Length: 5.91 inches (15 cm)
Insertable Length: N/A
Suction Cup: 2.56 inches (6.5 cm)
Beads: 0.59 inch (1.5 cm). 0.79 inch (2 cm), 0.98 inch (2.5 cm), 1.06 inches (2.7 cm), 1.22 inches (3.1 cm), 1.38 inches (3.5 cm)

Prostate Milking Magical Anal Beads

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