Prelude to Orgasm P Spot Massager
Prelude to Orgasm P Spot Massager
Prelude to Orgasm P Spot Massager
Prelude to Orgasm P Spot Massager

Prelude to Orgasm P Spot Massager

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You're bored with your same old solo-play routines, and you're thinking about milking your nut for a change. However, something is holding you back.

Maybe, what you need is a straightforward pleasure tool to ease your way into this practice. Our Prelude to Orgasm P Spot Massager's basic design will make you experience prostate stimulation without any intimidation.

What pushes men to tickle their walnuts? The answer is easy - doing so can make them cum repeatedly. And whether you're a newbie or an average P-spot player looking for a no-nonsense, easy massager, our Prelude to Orgasm P Spot Massager is here to electrify your solo-play. This black and sultry P-spot pleaser feels smooth and lifelike because of its skin-friendly material, silicone.

If you're worried about the insertion, don't be, because its tapered and sleek design will make that part easy for you. Once it's deep enough into your tunnel, the threads on the base will rub your anus and set off the thousands of nerve endings in this area. The handle will stop it from going too far in the hole, plus, its elongated shape will feel comfortable in between your butt cheeks.

Aside from probing your prostate and butthole, this backdoor tickler can also excite your perineum - it's that meaty area between your scrotum and your anus. And yes, that too, is an erogenous spot. And to offer you options, this prostate tickler is available at two variants. One has a brush-like perineum massager, while the other has small protrusions to excite this sensitive area.

But of course, we want nothing else but overwhelm you with satisfaction, so this bad boy also has a powerful yet quiet vibrating motor, which can operate at ten different modes. It uses a magnetic USB charging cable, which allows you to energize it almost anywhere, any time!

Feel your milk ooze out multiple times! Take your pick and add it to your cart now!


Color Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 2.76 inches
Width/Diameter: 0.63 inch to 0.98 inch