Powerful Shock Therapy Electro Nipple Clamp Set

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If we asked you to name a few ways to play with your breasts, you'd probably give out the top two: sucking and massaging. And then what? You're stuck with that. Well, our Powerful Shock Therapy Electro Nipple Clamp Set is here to change that. You'll no longer get bored with your foreplay, and you have a new exciting sex toy to look forward to!

It might look like a regular clothespin nipple clamp, but there's another feature hidden inside once you get to know about it a little bit more. To begin with, the clamps are made from high quality solid and durable plastic to house a non-toxic and rust-resistant metal strip inside.

What are those metal strips for? Each strip is connected via a cable wire to a handy power supply. The Powerful Shock Therapy Electro Nipple Clamp Set is not just for clamping your nippies, but it's also a mini electric torture device if pleasurable pain is your thing. But then again, the clamps alone provide a good level of pleasurable pain as well.

The levels and speeds of the shocks lie in your hands. With just a push of the button controls, you can adjust how fast or slow the transmission of electricity is. You can even just set a mode, so you can focus more on quality time with you and your lover.

Aside from the pain, you'll also begin to feel numb around your nipples as you clamp them up. This is due to the passage of the blood flow being blocked because of the clamping. Once you remove the clamps, the blood will come rushing back to continue the flow, and you'll begin to feel that your nipples have become even more sensitive than they were.

It's the perfect package. You won't have to look for anything else, our Powerful Shock Therapy Electro Nipple Clamp Set is enough to satisfy your sexual desires for nights on end.

Color Black
Material Plastic, Metal
Type Electro Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2.05 in,
Width: 0.96 in. (when opened)
Weight: N/A