Porous Waterproof Microfoam Gag
Porous Waterproof Microfoam Gag
Porous Waterproof Microfoam Gag
Porous Waterproof Microfoam Gag

You have been using duct tapes in your plays, but its adhesive has caused a few mishaps, and your clients are complaining about it. This functional duct tape has been your ally from the very first time you set foot in BDSM. But it's time to upgrade, and you have decided to ditch this tape. You've made the right decision because there's a better, safer tape to use for all your kinky needs.

For a reliable, versatile bondage tape, get the Porous Waterproof Microfoam Gag and make it a staple part of your kinky tool kit. You will be amazed at how many ways you can use this clean, white tape. To better address your needs, the product comes in multiple sizes. Buy all of them because you'll never know when you need various sizes for different scenarios.

Since this tape is microporous, it allows the skin to breathe. It also secures the skin and helps prevent pulling.

To use it as a gag, you need to cut any desired length, preferably long enough to cover the mouth and its sides. Make sure not to touch the sticky part of the tape. Next, place the tape over the mouth of your partner. Attach it well by running a fingertip on it to apply pressure. Gentle pressure will make sure the adhesive sticks to the skin. With a strip of this tape on her mouth, she won't be able to speak and shout. Enjoy listening to your slave's muffled sounds of pleasure.

This tape is versatile. In the absence of a rope or cuffs, use it to bind your sub or slave. It's durable and waterproof, so it's perfect for vigorous, wet, and wild role plays. The adhesive lasts for 24 hours, but you don't play that long, do you?

It's a medical tape, so it's safe on the skin, making it useful for your non-kinky needs. You need this tape, so grab yours now!

Color White
Material Microporous Foam
Dimension Length: 3 meters
25mm - 0.98 inch
40mm - 1.57 inches
50mm - 1.97 inches
75mm - 2.95 inches
100mm - 3.94 inches


Porous Waterproof Microfoam Gag

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