Large Yoni Egg | Polished Red Carnelian

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We might feel instability from time-to-time, which could cause an imbalance in our lives. If you are committed to finding your equilibrium amidst the chaos, then you should check out the Polished Red Carnelian Extra Large Egg.

With its size and power, this yoni egg has so much to offer! This vaginal stone measures between 1.97 and 2.36 inches. It's highly recommended for first-timers but also to those who just feel like using an extra-large Yoni Egg.

For women who are just discovering the properties and benefits of this extra-large egg, you are in for some effective Kegel exercise sessions. This helps jumpstart your muscles, gearing you up for smaller sized Yoni Eggs in the future. Also, it can awaken your sexual energy, fueling your passion, and libido. It also addresses concerns that have something to do with your sexuality and fertility. This can lead to stronger and longer orgasms and more intense sexual experiences.

Additionally, using the stunning egg can bring so much positivity in your life. It can serve as your guiding light, giving you stability. If you have traumatic or fearful experiences, having the Polished Red Carnelian Extra Large Egg by your side can help you out!

The stone can also bring luck and prosperity. You just have to display it in the right place and meditate to attract good fortune to your life.

Indeed, our Polished Red Carnelian Extra Large Egg is your perfect choice to keep the balance in life, attract good fortune, and of course, improve your reproductive health. So, what are you waiting for? Get this powerful vaginal stone and enjoy the healing properties and benefits brought by this crystal!

Color Reddish Brown
Stone/Crystals Red Carnelian Agate Stone
Size (inches) 1.97-2.36 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Awakens Sexual Energy, Passion & Libido, Promotes Positive Energy, Aids in Kegel Exercises, Tightens Vagina, Restores Love, Restores Motivation & Vitality, Stimulates Creative Processes & Thoughts, Gives Courage, Provides Stability, Encourages Motivation, Brings Peace & Blessings, Attracts Luck & Prosperity