Polished Obsidian Black Egg with Stone Stand
Polished Obsidian Black Egg with Stone Stand
Polished Obsidian Black Egg with Stone Stand

Is intimacy with your man getting colder with each passing day? Make your pussy irresistible by making it tight! Introducing…the Polished Obsidian Black Egg with Stone Stand! It is a handmade product that will supercharge your Kegel exercises so that you can achieve the most coveted tightness.

Carved from natural Black Obsidian, a stone valued for its healing properties, this Polished Obsidian Black Egg possesses mirror-like shine that captivates the eyes. It’s manually polished to bring out this natural shimmery luster. You’ll find the extra-smooth surface remarkable because it feels comfortable when worn. 

This incredible smoothness also makes it impossible for any bacteria to breed on it. Since it’s undrilled, it is also super easy to clean.

The size of this elegant black egg is 1.7 by 1 inch, so it’s ideal for women who have just decided to start their yoni training. A black stone stand goes with it to complement its stunning elegance. Use this stone stand to showcase the yoni egg on your desk or on your bedside table to keep it activated and close to you all the time.

Before your session, wash this black egg in running water to get rid of the negative energies it has absorbed. Use mild soap to eliminate dirt on its surface.

Once dry, apply a little amount of coconut oil on it for lubrication. Insert it with great care with the wider end going in first. The moment it’s inside, contract your Kegel muscles for a count of five then relax. Repeat this over and over for 15 minutes.  Get yourself recharged in the morning with this kind of workout, and you'll see a lot of improvements in no time.

Be wanted in bed and get laid again and again when you truly commit yourself to a regular Kegel exercise. Buy the Polished Obsidian Black Egg with Stone Stand today so you can start your yoni tightening regimen right away!

Color Black
Stone/Crystals Black Obsidian
Size (inches)

Yoni Egg: 1.7*1 in.

Yoni Egg Stand: 0.9*1.1*0.4 in.

Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Increases Libido & Reawakens Sensuality, Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles, Resolves Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence, Increases Sensitivity, Increases Natural Lubrication Pre/Post Menopause, Tightens Vaginal Walls, Eases Childbirth (less tissue damage), Enhances Intimacy, Serves as Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises, Boosts Vaginal Orgasms, Relieves Stress, Enhances Blood Circulation, Eases Problems Associated with Menstrual Cycle - Balances Hormones


Polished Obsidian Black Egg with Stone Stand

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