Pink Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers
Pink Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers

Achieve that sweet naughty look and put on an incredible show with our Pink Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers. It boasts a shiny glittery design but does not lack sexiness for your little private show for your partner.

Elevate your foreplay when you use these Pink Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers. These small pieces of underwear will add another layer of naughtiness as you strip naked in front of your partner. When it's finally time to unleash your tits, your partner would be surprised that there is another layer that covers your nipples that he thought wouldn’t see. This creates excitement and eagerness to take those covers off. But, do not give in yet. Use the covers' pink glittery sequins to tease him and the tassels to tickle his body.

Maintaining your erogenous zones a mystery keeps your lover's lust toward your body high. The thought of your naked body underneath your clothes keep him engaged and wanting for more. So, when you add another layer to cover your nipples, it will take him by surprise. Take control of him in the bed as you tease him and build his lust toward you.

What you'll get is a pair of nipple covers covered with pink sequins that shine and give you the spotlight. When you move, the tassels sway with you and add an extra layer of sexiness that both of you will surely love.

Let your imagination and your passion for sex take control of your movements. Exert a little effort with your sexy moves and the rest will be taken cared of these Pink Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers.

If you are ready to be glamorous while keeping your partner's lust heightened, then you must add this one to your cart now, and experience a whole new level of seduction.

Color Pink
Material Silicone, Plastic
Type Nipple Cover
Dimension (inches)
Length: Free Size
Width: Free Size
Weight: N/A


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Pink Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers

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